We had an aborigine show this video of a pastor in court, being questioned about expenses on and what he does exactly. To the person who showed us this, they were surprised but honestly, we weren’t at ALL.

But before we give the video for you to judge for yourself. We must say view our articles Touching on ReligionOrigins of Religion and How it conquered “African-Americans” and leave us feedback on that, then watch this video below. Trust us it will all make more sense.

Now that you read the articles and watched this video above… if you still follow any religion after this: you need to reevaluate your life! You are not gonna benefit from these false deities. They do not exist. There is no caucasian male in the sky. You have never seen that god and nobody you know has actually seen that god either. You so-called African-Americans are simply going off a rumor. Your American Aborigine ancestors God was nature. All is one and you are God, American! Everyone comes and steals from your without giving you credit, as the rightful owner while you think you’re just a slave and come from Africa. But don’t even know what part from. They say Africa is the motherland but why do all these Africans leave their own homeland to yours? Africa is majority a drought… you can’t even really grow many crops there. Compare that to the vegetation in turtle island (the Americas) my Niiiji (aboriginal of turtle island).

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