The Truth on Organic Vs Conventional


If it isn’t listed organic than I’m not eating it! Was my previous mindset until started doing some digging on this organic labeling and came across some surprising information and here is what it is:

How to tell if it’s actually organic

I spoke to a farmer about organic produce and he said the only way you know it’s organic is if you grow it yourself. It sounds simple but many people trust anything they read and hear without questioning it. I can say that I was at one time one of those people when it came to organic labels. This actually not only hinders the consumer but the seller as well. Due to advertising organic is made the latest health craze and companies know this. Being that the demand is higher than it was before and it is said because of it is healthier and pesticide free it cost more but this isn’t the case. Which is part of the reason why I’m looking into starting my own garden.

How organic labeling works

The farmer said Organic labels are listed by one person in the state. who goes around different farm’s and puts an electronic stick into the ground to check to see if their soil is organic or not. If it reads organic than you can label your produce organic for 3-5 years for the next soil checking. A lot can happen in 3-5 years. So just that alone should make you skeptical of it.

The difference in soil

The Farmer then explained to me that the soil for organic could be that the chickens they use for fertilizer are heated up on a black tarp different opposed to the non-organic produce. With just that information alone, if you have something listed organic but the fertilizer you use has chickens in it then couldn’t someone who doesn’t eat meat is taking that in. And then you would have to question the diet of the chickens you are using as fertilizer.


Organic means no pesticides right? No, just because something is organic certified doesn’t mean it does not have pesticides. Here some of the things they are able to have in it along with more than pesticides [1].

Natural chemicals

Chemicals that are supposed to be natural are actually carcinogenic. They are cancer causing so what makes you think what is natural in their book?

Fraudulent certified

Many companies list their products organic certified but when they haven’t been so or violated the requirements. There are at least 200 new cases every year of fraud recorded by the NOP. Click HERE to see.

Mixed produce

Conventional produce is often mixed with organic fruit. Whether if it is done deliberately or not it violates the rules but it most definitely prevalent.

Is one better than the other?

A study done in 2012 by researchers at Stanford university did 237 studies on whether if organic is actually better than conventional. Foods listed as organic were no greater than healthier or safer than conventional. But in some cases, organic leads to more harm than good like milk that is organic is has higher chances in omega-3 fatty acids. Even though I DO NOT recommend the consumption of animal products the evidence is there.

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