Red Brown Gold Black Art Mask Making | Aboriginal and Original Difference | Lyor Cohen, Donald Trump, and Sambos Exposed


We were working on other pieces and thinking about how we make things that resonate with us and also share a deeper message. One thing with us that stuck was a “puppet cutting the strings” from a puppeteer.  A puppet being aware that they are a puppet and taking action to disconnect itself from the puppeteer.

That puppet represents the so-called African-American that realizes they cannot be of two nationalities, is not an adjective that is 3/5ths of a person while they can’t name a landmass with the name black or African-American but they’re in fact the American. Which is a native of America applying to the (ab)Orignals or copper-colored races, here found by europeans. Yes, in articles and shirts we have written “aboriginals” (that’s what the source wrote) but we have done extensive research well since the first post of then. You can tell by other articles where we called ourselves afrakans, blacks, African-Americans, the original inhabitants, Originals and Origines. Why the change?

We study the etymology of words and what you find is that if the (ab)Origine is the Original inhabitant of its land than what does the ab- mean? Well, Ab- means away from; off. So they’re basically saying the Original inhabitants are away from their own land, thus making them foreigners in their own land such as the “blacks” and “African-Americans”. The makers of this word know this that’s why they created it. Also, know that the english language is indeed a bastard language is has not just one origin, it comes from many other languages. Thus letting you know if you didn’t, the english language was made to confuse. Because if you are confused you are conquered!

The American wakes up to the wicked toxicity being placed in his land such as the so-called jews who place destructive music in the American populous and environment as a whole influencing the American to harm it its own. But does it in the shadows and sometimes in the open and no American takes an appropriate response to these terrorist acts. Here is one being confronted on his terrorist acts and watch what happens, if you can make it all the way through…:

As an Origine, if you aren’t disgusted by this shiesty so-called jew Lyor Cohen in this Breakfast Club “interview” then you simply are for the destruction of Americans in their own land. We put the word interview in quotes because this narcissist interviewed himself and watch how the cowards shiver while not asking him the appropriate questions as they do others because they fear their meaningless resources will disappear rather than standing on the truth but yet they are better off than those who are in poverty. This is little time when those with “power” come from behind the camera but this shows you what he thinks an of you American and what others like him think of you.

Watch the interview how the indentured servants bow to his bidding and show their fear. Americans must stop being terrified as a whole of these terrorists that aren’t going to stop unless we take action once with self-sufficiency and work together with other Americans. We have said this before this is the land of the free because you don’t claim it, step up!

The so-called jew Lyor Cohen has only picked recording “artists” who promote drug activity, this is funding your destruction Americans! But you still support the sambo recording “artists” and their master. This is only the music industry we are talking about, we have not yet spoken of the terrorist acts done on your food, water like in Flint, Michigan done by terrorist governor Rick Snyder and living places which you gladly go to purchase while they tax you on your own land in this article. We didn’t put the word music in quotes because we explained in the Gucci Mane Destroyed The “African-American” Populous 2018 article that music comes from the word muse which is to stare stupidly. Which is exactly what Lyor Cohen releases so yes that would be an accurate choice of word.

We used a red oil paint which we let dry for at least 2 weeks as a base then made lines to a form into a curtain, showing that it is a theatre. Adding some heads to display people in the audience then adding a floor under the curtain to reveal a stage. Revealing carbon lines aka “black” lines at the top. Then showing the part of cleaning the paint off the palette which a regular but that’s something you don’t see behind the painting and how that could affect the piece because you could be on a run per se but are suddenly met with a blockage in flow to have to pause and clean the supplies. But then again the pause could be beneficial because with clarity comes power so that time it takes to clean off we can focus on what comes next on our roadmap as we display our vision. It really is perspective in all but it did at times slow us down when we wanted to further proceed with painting but did aid us in gaining clarity. So it is a two-edged sword in a sense displays life lesson as we must evolve to prevail. Thus viewing a “problem” as an opportunity as we just spoke of positively what it does for us but another way is simply get another palette that holds more paint while using the other.

As to the people in the audience of the show is a mongoloid from Asia and a so-called jew then and blonde haired european who resembles Donald Trump, this didn’t represent him as whole being we recommend his book The Art of The Deal which is a great read for developing on a business level for deals and more but as far the toxic behavior we placed the resemblance of him there because as those who do not acknowledge the American and restore the chaos they have created. You might say trump did tell a 5 dollar indian they are not indians

but if he knows the real Indians are the so-called African-Americans why not give what they rightfully deserve instead of terrorizing them while using obese sambo females and preachers to gain “African-American” influence while insulting them while doing so with his agents. You must know by now the truth on religion!

We aren’t black but look what the sambos do. These agents work for their masters. Their masters are mostly not seen in the medias eye, well what they show you. But do know these types of sambos are pulling the strings that are being pulled on them thus doing terrorizing acts to us Americans. Though the president role or politics itself is puppetry at work making your President of The United States of America a puppet himself to the central banks, but that’s for another discussion maybe.

Creating a gold mixture to go over the curtain to indicate a grand show at the theatre. The American appears in their garb and feathers on their head on stage as the audience watches the terrorizing acts and does nothing is an accomplice to the act and not doing anything but watch as their own entertainment whether intentional or unintentional because it is actually intentional acts because you are aware of the constant abuse the American suffers in their own land and simply reek the benefits of it by using their land which is them since The American is nature.

The puppeteer above the stage in a suit and kippa on his head with red horns coming from his head really pulling the strings controlling the American puppet but the has they thought they are doing things by free will. Well, The American snaps out of it by knowing thy self and with a pair of green scissors cuts the string and the puppeteer is shocked and scared to see The American take control of themselves and take back what belongs to them as they realize they are connected to this land. The neanderthug is nothing without a sense of control. All they are are just takers and thieves never prosper. Greek invaded Kemit raped the land, stole, burned booked, in all caused complete destruction and now today Greece is one the poorest countries today. These neanderthugs just work together and have “culture” they follow whether they stole it or not. So-called blacks do not have culture. You need culture “Your Culture Is Like Your Immune System Lack Of It Makes You More Susceptible To Diseases” – Healing Through Inspiration.

The mongoloid from Asia who watched in the audience as the American suffers and profits off The Americans demise in their our land feeding them toxicity and taxing them on toxicity but knowing dang well they wouldn’t support their businesses… really that says more about the so-called “African-Americans” than it does the mongoloids. We can’t leave out the so-called jew who sits next to him profiting the same way and more than others in ways off of the Americans demise in their own land.

The full blooded American becomes powerful as he cuts the string of the puppeteer and demands control of their own life rather than just an indentured servant. The full blooded American becomes powerful knowing their wear is nature made shoes, pants, poncho, feathers signifying they are the original inhabitants of this land along with their face paint, preparing themselves for battle and taking action.

The puppeteer is in complete fear that the American is taking back theirs. We have beautiful pieces but this one as understatement is stunning! We get better with everyone! With the time effort, we spent on this were really low balling.

Red Brown Gold Black Art Mask

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