“You need meat that’s how you get your protein!” “Meat gives you strength!” “Milk is good for the bones!” “Cheese is healthy!” That’s what they said. But if this is the diet the so-called African-American has been following for so long but you’ve noticed they have suffered from heart attacks, diabetes, tumours, obesity, high blood pressure, and many more. This angered us having so much loved ones suffering from so many diseases that were supposedly weren’t reversible. We knew something wasn’t right so we decided to investigate and this what we found:

From a friend who told us about the great Dr. Sebi. Who was a beautiful American Brother from Honduras, who dedicated his whole life to knowing alkaline electric food, food that is made by nature and should be consumed by the Origine.

The American “country” is the biggest consumers of animal products and with that, the number one disease is heart disease. If entities amongst the united states government know this then why do they still promote this? Because they are all for profit and the destruction of you American while the same time generating money from you in the process. This was explained more in the “What The Health” documentary.

Diabetes they tell you it comes from sugar when there has much evidence that shows it correlates from salt. A lot of salt in chicken… ugh oh we said chicken. Yes, chicken causes diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and so much more. This may seem outrageous because you’ve told been meat is healthy for you and have been eating it your whole life. But just looking at the Americans that you know that isn’t accurate. Just because you’ve been told a lie your whole life and the truth only once, still makes what you been told your whole life a lie. There are more reasons than you can count why you shouldn’t eat meat, but just know not to eat it. These chickens are tortured and held in the worst conditions, placed in crowded cages with other chickens on nonflat bottoms, cannibalism is quite common because of this they are debeaked and have beaks burned off. This is detailed in the great book The McDonaldization of Society and in our article 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Factory Farms. All of this alone is done before they are even killed and the energy it holds guess what? By you consuming that you are what you eat by eating that you then become the savage. Your body does not operate properly with consumption of this.

“Milk makes strong bones” wrong milk creates high blood pressure, high cholesterol. No other animal gets its milk from another animal but you do. Just think about that. So ask yourself how is it really benefiting you. The treatment of the cows… well let you watch this

Yes, it was graphic but look at the abuse these hybrid cows suffer from these thugs and you harvest that energy by consuming from the cows.

Alright, now cheese is safe, right? No! Anything from an animal is not okay for us Americans. Cheese comes from milk and cheese is mold.

After seeing that their cheese doesn’t even melt. Why still eat?

Pork, chitlins is a no, no. You’re eating intestines and another being. Eggs contain no protein either.

According to Primitive Technology: A Book of Earth Skills roadkill animals are no longer given for human consumption due to health concerns. So deer, bear, moose etc are out of the question. Wildlife is considered to have the most gruesome and oldest diseases affecting man. Diseases like New Mexico hemorrhagic pneumonia and HIV are the most dangerous diseases. Some of the diseases are:

  • Rabies is most commonly transmitted by a bite from an infected animal. It is 99.9% fatal unless treated.
  • Tularemia aprupt fever, cough, vomiting, relapses after several days, and can effect many parts of the body.
  • Plague transmitted by fleas. Characterized by fever, vomiting diarrhoea, and abdominal pain. If spreads to bloodstream, 100% fatal.
  • Anthrax very rare in the US, but still can be deadly. Begins with inhalation of spores from infected animals. Respiratory symptoms show within 3 to 5 days.
  • Cellulitis acute spreading inflammation of soft tissues by bacteria. Infection is transmitted by a crack in the skin or cut.
  • Trichinosis parasite transmitted by consuming food that was not cooked thoroughly.
  • Salmonella food poisoning. Transmitted by ingestion of contaminated water or food.
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever transmitted by tick bites.
  • Lyme Disease transmitted by deer tick, smaller than common tick. Symptoms fever, stiff neck, fatigue, distinctive rash at bite site, neurologic or cardiac involvement, and arthritis.

You might say “Eye didn’t know these so were harmful to my body” but like the fictitious bible says not knowing is not an excuse. You will still suffer the consequences for going against your proper way of life. We say that of course with how we will feel about religion as a whole.

This is so important. Health is everything! Literally, health is everything! If you were to gain 80 million in the next 3 minutes and you were to die in the 3 as well, you couldn’t do anything with because it wouldn’t matter as much as your health does. Yes, we are telling you not to spend money on the Mega Million and Powerball lotteries that are happening now and coming up but instead use that money to create an online business for only 20 dollars a month. That is a better way to use your money.

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