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The 40 Day Jump Start To Get Anything Done! Quotes To Get You To Your Journey!

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Your road to success book, with quotes from those, that have went the journey! With great quotes from Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Williams James, Jack Canfield, Ralph Waldo Emerson, James Allen, Helen Keller, Joan Borysenko, Tanisha Adjo and so much more!



On the road to success, it can be challenging losing relationships and things we thought mattered most. But you have to know the most important thing is yourself. You have to overcome. This will be one the most difficult things you will ever do. You have to think of this as lifting weights but for your mind. This will further strengthen you in every aspect. But on this journey, it will be lonely. Know that it is never crowded at the top. With this 40 day jump start to get anything done we will be right with you every step of the way and do know this is achievable with the amazing quotes we have aligned just for you. The hardest part is getting started so start with The 40 Day Jump Start To Get Anything Done!


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The Best Success Book there is!

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