Effective Parenting for “Black” Children 2018 | Freddie Gray and Touching On Narcissism


Growing up “black” we experienced many things that hinder us from childhood that follow us into adulthood. Such as the common “Stop crying before Eye give you a reason to cry”,  will get into that later but abusive behaviours like this and many more need to stop. Be aware that abuse is just more than physical. We must Break the cycle.

Hitting a child then the American cries and the dreaded “Stop crying before Eye give you a reason to cry about” This is a complete contradiction. The parent has hit the child than when the child cries due to getting hit their feelings aren’t of much concern. This not only physical but is emotional abuse as well.

As a race, we are known for beating our children. This is not okay because violence teaches violence. Hurt people hurt, people. When we were younger a Woman told us how her child acted up and our immediate response was to gasp and say did you beat her? She said No but she got in her face and told her not do that. Being that we were only raised with being beat by our parents was the most effective discipline(so we thought). Remembering on our 6th birthday our biological mother saying good you can start getting spankings now. She said with her piercing eyes and aggressive head nods. So we were only going off of what we were taught and this is not okay. As 2 years went by we discovered this was a cycle that needs to be broken. But as far as the woman with the child acting up a child is simply a child! If you put a child in an environment it will pick up and act only what they learned. So the mother is responsible and this is something many disagree and like to point the finger at someone else but if you are going to point the finger at anyone make sure it’s the person in the mirror.

Learning that children who burn things are a sign of child abuse. A friend told us as a child we found a large sponge used for sanding walls. A lighter right next to it began burning the sponge and they had so much joy from doing so. They flipped the side of the sponge that was not burned up and place it down. Only to later be called by their mother to discover she found the burned sponge and told them not to do that as she smiled as if it were nothing almost. But their mother knew what this was because she is a social worker.

So here we have someone who is aware of the harm they are doing but chooses to still do harm. One word might call this evil but in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition: DSM-5 an appropriate name would be Narcissistic personality disorder.  What is Narcissistic personality disorder? According to the DSM-5 it is a pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and lack of empathy. This is so common many may not even see this as a problem. But actually, they are removing it from the DSM.

For more overstanding of narcissism roots and it’s spread we recommend The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement by Jean M. Twenge. If you believe you are dealing with a narcissist and you want to know if should leave or continue to be the source of narcissistic supply we also recommend Should I Stay or Should I Go: Surviving a Narcissistic Relationship by Ramani Durvasula. Both are great books you can’t miss out on.

There was a viral video of an American defending his land against race soldiers and invaders who killed Freddie Gray in race soldier custody for having an illegal knife. He was placed in the back of a van and suffered from “high energy injury” to his spine and neck. He was not restrained properly with a seatbelt but was with handcuffs and shackles on his ankles. The race soldiers constantly decelerating and accelerating the van while we can only imagine the American brother screams and sounds of the impact as he slams against the van, while his murders ignore him. The sounds part we can imagine but everything else we know it occurred. The case resulted in a homicide. He was placed into the van on his belly while still in shackles on his ankles and wrist. The driver of the van Race Soldier Caesar R. Goodson Jr. is charged with deprivated heart murder, while other race soldiers William F. Porter, Lt. Brian W. Rice, and Sgt. Alicia D. White are charged with manslaughter. Other race soldiers were given lesser chargers, with second-degree assault.

Who are these race soldiers? Well, we just told you the names but you have to see the faces and don’t be alarmed when you see Origine race soldiers. Do remember sambos love to show out for the approval of their masters. Also, keep in mind police comes from the slave patrol aka patrollers, pattyrollers or paddy rollers by the American prisoners of war. They were arranged by caucasian males who monitored and enforced torture on American prisoners of war in the antebellum U.S. Southern states. Prisoner of war patrols’ function was to police Americans, especially runaways and rebellious ones.

With this going on in Baltimore by race soldiers and invaders terrorizing the city. The Americans have been defending their land especially the youth because they realize that it is only getting worse and they aren’t like they passive elders or folks that put their head in the sand or run to religion as a safe haven.

Because of this, a young American brother with his others was defending his land due to the terrorist acts were done to his people like many others participating in the “riot”. His biological mother saw him, removed his mask immediately while cussing him out, beating and chasing him in public. Is it not enough that she removed his mask while participating in the “riot” but she had him identified in public. Mainstream media caught hold of this and played it back to back, calling her the ‘mother of the year”. If we are going to call her that if anything would the mother of the year have her child doing “better” being in this situation? We’re saying that there are things the young American could have done better. But what the mainstream media has called this biological mother the “mother of the year” is because she was punishing her son about uproar of an American Freddie Gray being murdered by race soldiers and frankly she would probably have felt that the most effective way is to pray with religion. We know the mainstream media would have wanted that because it keeps you sedated like drugs and how the used it on us Americans today still. See that’s hows Americans were made as indentured servants they had their spirituality replaced with the religion of Christianity. You may ask why do we bring up Christianity with something like this? Well, if you look at the mother you will notice she is an Origine but what race of hair on her head is she aspiring to look like? We spoke on that in 4 Reasons Why You Should Begin Your Natural Hair Journey. So if we see a toxic mother abuse her son but yet many praise her for her actions. To the point, where we heard many American parents saying she did good etc. *deep sigh* The world we live in but it is a constant reminder that we must be the change we want to see.

But also we must add the platform that built her up didn’t build her up that much when there was a fire in her kitchen but yet during those interviews, she was proudly in front of those cameras as if she was truly the mother of the year.

Well, one think if this was a man beating his daughter would he be labeled father of the year? Please tell us below. A mother with 5 girls and a boy wouldn’t you think the appropriate thing after the first one or two, a proper father figure should be around before having more?

As to her house catching on fire, CNN and other mainstream media didn’t broadcast that on television as they did with her beating her son for up roaring against the murder of Freddie Gray by race soldiers. So clearly they had no actual interest to sincerely help this American female and her family (household of slaves) but seem as if they really were for American. Let alone, let them know they are American instead but they won’t do that either so you should know they’re not for your best interest, especially with telievision and programming (no that was not a typo).

Interesting as it sounds to after the global attention the mother received, she had a house fire and raised money on a gofundme for 81,610 dollars in 21 months.

President at the time mulatto but so-called black so a halfbreed is the same race as you now as Origine, who only promised you hope Barack Obama called these American Origines defending their land during the riot “criminals and thugs”.

Constantly beating your child will only cause them to have resentment for the parent when they get older. Instead speak calmly, ask what’s on their mind, what are doing and why when they are doing something aren’t suppose to be doing first. For adults who even think they have suffered abuse we recommend a book that will change your life Guilt is the Teacher, Love is the Lesson by Joan Borysenko. This book is a must have!

Be sure to give your children encouragement when doing something great. Something that can truly make a difference is hugging your child and saying Eye love you. Trust us this really goes a long way!

When communicating with a child be sure to be on their level because over towering them especially while angry can be very frightening to the child. That’s why is important as well that we speak in a neutral voice because our tone defines how we come across. How we say something makes a difference as well what we say.

Japanese people have their culture, “Jews” have their culture, Chinese have their culture, French, “Middle easterners” but you are American what is yours? This something you have to teach yourself and most importantly your American children. Your culture is like your immune system and lack of it makes you more susceptible to diseases.

If corporal punishment (punishment that involves hitting someone) is the answer then why are “half” of American men incarcerated then in America? Because beating them as a child was supposed to be prevention from race soldiers doing it and getting arrested but yet their still getting arrested at such a high rate than what is your reasoning then?

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