Origins of Religion and How it Conquered “African-Americans” | Astrology Breakdown by Michael Tsarion


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We were at the point where religion is just a lie. This caucasian ‘god’ that the so-called blacks worship is not real because this caucasian has allowed American Aborigine after another to be assassinated by race soldier and all these older 3/5ths of a person do is continue to pray to ‘god’. Hmmm, something is not adding up… Let alone this “african-americans” are so ill to the point to actually attempting to be this race. Insanity is doing the same thing over again expecting different results. Knowing this path wasn’t right we began doing research to find out what was.

We spoke so many times about religion but we just have to further get the message across for those who follow it. We say it because it doesn’t matter whether you are muslim or christian, or jewish, or baptist, or jehovah witness, etc. The chauvinistic way of thinking is not conductive and further hinders us American Aborigines.

When these religions teach you not to ask questions. When intelligence itself is rebellion. They want you to remain nescient (not knowing). A priest is “one put over others”. Who is this male to be put over me and when you ask him questions based off the things in the video above and he doesn’t have the answers that show you he doesn’t know that religion and is there for the authority, tax write-offs, to fornicate with the congregation and possibly to fondle the children. So we have this person placed over you who is a “person placed in charge” in actuality like all other religious people is a hypocrite.

Thall shall not hurt gods creatures but you eat animal products. Love thall neighbour, respect thall neighbours wife. We can go on and on to show the hypocrisy but we want you to think for yourself and be able to determine. Because this religion was used to in order to conquer the American Aborigine. The Indo-europeans were not stronger than the American Aborigines they took away our spirituality and replaced with religion (christianity).

We spoke about the priest molesting the children in church. Look at this anhk, the oval represents the vagina of the woman and the T represents the penis of the man. Together making life.

Kemetic from Kemet renamed Egypt.

Now, look at the cross, a penis on another penis, homosexuality which is another hypocrisy in Christianity. Yet these faggot priests sexual abuse boys.


By the colonizers enforcing religion they made you “civilized”.

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