Breaking Down Nationality, “Black”, “African-American”, American, American Indian, Aborigines & More!


As we spoke in Indians In The Hood for years we were under the impression that we were “black” and “African-American”. Until we did the research only simply what is black? What is African-American? What is a nationality? In the video above is what we came up with.

Being that a nationality pertains to a nation. How can you be of two nationalities then? Which are you from Africa or America? Are you “Black”? You’re pale, wicked, evil, burnt, cursed, dead? If you’re “Black”, what country or continent is named “Black”? If you are “African-American” that was brought to the Americas on slave boats where did the mass deforestation occur in order to ship you here? Have you been told something to the effect that you have Indian in your “family”? It is important we ask ourselves these question. Leave your answers in the comment section too.

Many times we hear it doesn’t matter what we call ourselves we need to work together. There is someone truth to that in a sense but the real truth has been hidden from us for a reason and negative entities are aware of why. When you know where you come from and what your ancestors did it gives you power. What do we mean by this? Walking outdoors we would see trash that people would leave on the grass, completely desensitized by it being so common and if in your head you think oh we were brought here on slave boats from Africa this land isn’t ours, who cares. But in actuality, you are from the Americas and this always been your ancestors land it changes you for the better. If you are still in denial of this please prove us wrong by doing the research!

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AMER’ICAN Unisex T-Shirt

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