Michael Jackson Inspired Red Black White and Yellow Mask Making


Inspired by a smooth criminal! We used this piece to represent the King of Pop, how we felt about him at the time. he played a big influence in us as far just growing up listening to every song he made and never hearing one we didn’t like.  You name it Beat it, Thriller, Smooth Criminal, Bad, Billie Jean, Speed Demon, the list literally could go on and on.

But looking back not everything Michael did was great like dating outside his species, marrying and breeding out of his species and thus creating a hybrid being a genocidal act of the American itself.

Also, many may argue that he did not hate himself of not wanting to be “black”. Well, if you have read many of our articles like this one where we tell you what black is, pale. So you could say Michael was black such as he did say here:

Regardless of his skin condition vitiligo, he had and an Origine nose and him getting it surgically altered is indeed self hate. He had an Afro we know and love from the Jackson 5 era but was ruined to have some straightened non-virgin hair look which really in aspect a horror story to watch an American man literally destroy himself in front of the public eye and everyone just cheers him on as he just performs…

American people don’t like to mention any of these parts when bringing up Michael Jackson nor his abusive parents. Who you date is a reflection of yourself, no doubt so Michael being with a caucasian would that make him want to be caucasian?

Speaking of reflections we made this a reflection of us going against the norm of seeing red as hot fire warm color but making it cool and further emphasizing that with a moon crescent. Highlighting with yellow the eyes, nostrils and mouth of the mask to go with the highlight outlining of the MJ figure wearing. The figure is wearing a black jacket, white shirt, and of course his trademarking high water pants. You might ask where is the sparkly glove, well the figure has their hands in the pockets to further showcase a cool relaxed theme along to go with the moon we were going with.

On with the moon, we spent more time than expected on it but loved how we truly got to express it properly while at the same time against the norm. Well, what do we mean? We made the moon but then narrowing the shape and then removing the red yellow orangish casting mixture to replace it with a crimson red further thus illustrating a moon casting indentation with it completely going against the norm while using the moon in is normal form is exactly what we were going for! You may find that in this piece there are contradictions exhibited but they are there to invoke against societal standards. With red being a color of fire but the hottest fire is blue, but we still use this red base to show a cool moon making you question your own normalities.

We highlighted the figure and connected the figure’s head to the eye being the wearer is indeed it, showing that we are the reflection of Michael Jackson.

Do take advantage of this creation we are sharing with and giving you the opportunity to be the only one in the world to own such a piece like this that there is nothing else like it in the world. A true one of a kind! No replicas produced of this and if were will never compare to the original! Purchase your masterpiece below to take part in history before it is gone!

Red Black White and Yellow Mask

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