Why “Black” Americans Need to Stop Calling Themselves “‘Light’ Skin” and “‘Dark’ Skin” 2019 | Trayvon Martin, Terrorism, Responsibility, Robert Greene and Sun Tzu


Growing up we would hear and see Team Dark Skin versus Team Light Skin. As if they were two different species being we are talking about the original inhabitants. We have relatives who are not halfbreed with bronze skin but others who look like them act like their of a different race. This is done by divide and conquer. (Tactics used in Robert Greene and Sun Tzu books.) We will go in detail on this below.

Skin the largest organ in the body. Now let’s apply that to light. But what is light? In order to truly know a word, we must find out the etymology it. Some of the things that are light are:

light (n.)

“brightness, radiant energy, that which makes things visible,” Old English leht(Anglian), leoht (West Saxon), “light, daylight; spiritual illumination,” from Proto-Germanic *leukhtam (source also of Old Saxon lioht, Old Frisian liacht, Middle Dutch lucht, Dutch licht, Old High German lioht, German Licht, Gothic liuhaþ “light”), from PIE root *leuk- “light, brightness.”

light (adj.1)

“not heavy, having little actual weight,” from Old English leoht (West Saxon), leht (Anglian), “not heavy, light in weight; lightly constructed; easy to do, trifling; quick, agile,” also of food, sleep, etc., from Proto-Germanic *lingkhtaz (source also of Old Norse lettr, Swedish lätt, Old Frisian, Middle Dutch licht, German leicht, Gothic leihts), from PIE root *legwh- “not heavy, having little weight.” The adverb is Old English leohte, from the adjective.
Remember these are applied to the skin as we go on. Now let’s find out a bit of the origin of the etymology of the word “dark”:

dark (adj.)

Middle English derk, later dark, from Old English deorc “without light, lacking light or brightness (especially at night), obscure, gloomy;” figuratively “sad, cheerless; sinister, wicked,” from Proto-Germanic *derkaz (source also of Old High German tarchanjan “to hide, conceal”), which is of uncertain etymology. For vowel change, see marsh. Application to colors, “not radiating or reflecting much light,” is from late 14c. Of complexion, “not fair,” from early 14c. Figurative sense of “obscure, not easily understood” is from early 13c.; that of “sullen, sad” is from 1590s. Meaning “concealed, secret” is from late 14c. Dark Continent “Africa” (1828) combines several figurative senses (earliest references are in missionary publications). Theater slang for “closed” is from 1916.

dark (n.)

early 13c., derk, “absence of light, night-time,” from dark (adj.). Figurative in the dark “in a state of ignorance” is from 1670s; earlier it meant “in secrecy, in concealment” (late 14c.).
Now that you overstand the meanings let’s go into the issues with this if you haven’t noticed already:
Go back and see the descriptive “dark continent Africa” as of 14 century you can see they were already trying to remove you from your land to a land which you are not from.
Light means to be illuminated, to be enlightened as to have knowledge. While dark is the absence of light meaning to unenlightened which is stupid. Dark means evil, “wicked” while with light descriptions are godly characteristics. Pale means wicked. Those who have read our Origins of Religion and How it Conquered “African-Americans” | Astrology Breakdown by Michael Tsarion article see where we’re going with this. In biblical pictures, the devil is painted black and god is painted pale in white. It is a fight betweenGOOD

Yes, God and the Devil.

If that doesn’t apply to you don’t call yourself that. As we explained numerous times and recently in our What “Black” Americans Need To Do To Build a Community 2019 | America is Bigger Than Africa If Eye define Eye rule you. If you are confused you are conquered. But this may not always be a negative case because odds are if you are confused it means you are about to find out something.

Like we expressed in our Gucci Mane Destroyed The “African-American” Populous 2018. A game of chess is set up where white always goes first and black always reacts and black power is designed to always be checkmated by white power. Thus making the so-called “blacks” the most reactionary people. There are ways to win the game by being proactive and realizing that the game in sense is bigger than the chess board. That the so-called black and white skin colors are not always the opposition but merely an illusion to feed in order to keep you wrapped in confusion. Nor do we say be oblivious to pale terrorist acts, as Americans. As we said in a recent article a lot of sambos are doing the own destruction of Americans such as the churches, pastors, parents, those in police uniform, recording “artists”, teachers and much more.

But if wicked entities get you to think it’s a so-called white vs a so-called black thing it will get you to overlook the so-called blacks in your neighbourhood or amongst your people selling crack to his own. And have for example one of Lyor Cohen recording artist  Young fag, pardon us Young Thug, and anyone signed to 300 entertainment promoting this to your masses as a popular, cool, acceptable thing to do. Have you praise this unnecessary violence and narcotic use to destroy you and take your land. Which is why we came up with If You Are Selling Crack You Need To Go To Jail Hooded Sweatshirt.

If You Are Selling Crack You Need To Go To Jail Hooded Sweatshirt

Let’s play “devil’s” advocate “aw they were forced to sell crack because they can’t get jobs” “They gotta feed their family”.

Well, first of all, you shouldn’t just be trying to an employee or just comfortable being one you should be creating a business. Which is quite easy today with only 20 dollars a month on the website alone. That is pretty low compared to the stuff so-called “African-Americans” waste money on billions on weave, wigs, perms, relaxers, lace fronts, bundles all which you don’t own and is ran by mongoloids. Billions on Jordan’s alone, sneakers that cost 16 dollars to make and are sold 550-250 dollars as of 2014 on Amazon. No there is no affiliate link for that because we clearly don’t support sambo Michael Jordan. For what reason why? Well, if that isn’t a reason already remind us that is for another discussion!
Back on subject, think about it your selling crack to your own to ‘get ahead’ which only further puts you back as a group.

We were walking and to get us a bite to eat and this old American male saw us from a distance saw us and just stared without saying anything. He said “aye come here for a minute’ we responded with what you need?” in a stern tone and then he stopped approaching us and said, “I was gonna ask if you were selling any crack.”

Then now maybe 2 weeks ago an older American male approached us and said with slurred speech that he’s trying to buy some crack from us. We responded with “naw” as we continued walking.

We were walking and an American young female said something to us loudly and muffled. Only to find she has high on drugs walking around the city. The very next day we saw her in an electric wheelchair she was driving.

We saw an American female high on drugs laughing hysterically almost as if she had been hit with laughing gas from The Joker and Harley Quinn, not knowing at first we smiled and chuckled before realizing what it was. While a caucasian male who didn’t look far off from her condition just based off his appearance knew of us laughed and said something to the effect of ‘someones enjoying themselves or having fun.’ while also sitting next to us who happened to be enjoying this. All the Americans were not pleased but many aren’t on the bus because they working a dead in job and that’s it not even being used it to feed a business of their own.

These stories are not to say us Americans are the only ones on drugs because as you know with our articles there are no absolutes! Foreigners take drugs more drugs than us Americans, don’t let the perception fool you. So yes we have seen many pale foreigners high on meth, crack and any drug you name it many of places. But us Americans aren’t in the same situation as these foreigners.

This is beyond disgusting, gross and series of names to describe this foulness but most importantly this is irresponsible. With every other race/species you can’t do anything you want without those of such disciplining them of their negative actions except for the opposite with the so-called blacks. This is the problem we don’t police our own. You worship sambos and take no responsibility for your own children if you did you wouldn’t be taking them to be “taught” abused, terrorized by the people who held you captive in your own land. You realize this but refuse to step up because you are too coward to step up for your own land. To the point where you don’t even clean up after it and live in filth and are comfortable with it. Doing the action of the “African-American” which was created to make foreigners rich in your land placing gun stores and liquor stores on every corner (the false nationality has only been on the U.S. census since the year 2000). Same thing they did to the so-called Indians. Oh, you have “Indian in your ‘family’ but your ‘black’ and not a halfbreed? Then yes we are talking about you and they’re doing the same terrorist acts to the same people. You’re literally paying for your own poison, being taxed in your own land and you are comfortable with it.

Think about it the youth alone have to grow up with that. You’re an adult let alone being a junkie and then exposing others to that. That is abuse in itself. People who are older are comfortable with that because they haven’t made an effort to make a change. While making others suffer just like the junkies themselves. They have a responsibility to your American race just like how other groups help their own.

But you may say wicked entities place those drugs and guns in our neighbourhoods. But you make the decision to use them. Since you are a so-called Indian which is an Original inhabitant of the American continent that would make you an American and guess what? You don’t drink the firewater! Because that has destroyed your people and still is today. In a sense, the American people are the land so it destroying the land. Oh and the guns… man we honestly want the so-called blacks to get rid of the guns because you are annihilating yourselves with them. The same thing the Americans were given by the pale foreigners in the past and the Americans begged the europeans not to give their people any more firewater and gunpowder because it is destroying their people. Those who don’t know their history are bound to repeat it.

For example, Americans from Florida don’t even use their guns effectively when that hispanic terrorist George Zimmerman assassinated American child Trayvon Martin in his own land. It should have been a manhunt for that hispanic male terrorist George Zimmerman, his mother and family that agreed with his terrorist actions which makes them as well terrorists that were jumped up and down with excitement when he got off in the courtroom. He should have been “changed” instead of having a celebrity boxing match versus crack head DMX. Also, aided in his own American destruction. This boxing celebrity match was promoted on radio stations but was made not to happen by those against it. Let us leave this for another article in the future. But with just that bit alone we better not hear you sambo negros talking about “black and brown” unity! After all your skins brown and black means pale which is them… but we digress. Most likely a topic for another time.

With that being said supplements for “light skin” could be calling all Americans who are enlightened light skin. Bronze, brass or sand color instead of light skin. Instead of “dark skin” call them copper colored hints the definition of the word American. Brown, saturated brown works too when you’re describing your virgin hair color and eye color. Tawny is a less saturated brown to brownish orange. There many more names to describe ourselves if we are going to use this english language but we just have to be creative and aware the words we use, the spells we cast (hints the word spelling). If you feel we missed a substitute word or just want to expound on one let us know!

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