Gucci Mane Destroyed The “African-American” Populous 2018


When we were young we were raised up on rap music. Yes, music because the word music comes from amuse which is to be stupid and that’s exactly what it was doing. We would listen to Gucci Mane an Atlanta rapper who has done many crimes under the sun and wasn’t shy of promoting his actions. Selling crack, more drugs, robbery, assault and much more all on his own people but yet because he is a rapper and makes songs promoting the toxicity he does the so-called “African-Americans” praise him! Don’t get us wrong when we were younger we did too but as we got older we now see the large damage that has been done. This glorifying of this street life is not okay and here is why:

The horrendous acts he has done, yes he has served jail time. But, a large part of the so-called African-American populous praise that alone with words such as “Free Gucci”. This phrase has been placed on t-shirts and been promoted as if that was his campaign until it occurred to us that it is his and as for helping in the destruction of the so-called African-American populous. It is easier for a foreigner terrorist to approach the Americans and be painted as so (even though many Americans are not aware at times) but gets a pass and this is actually more strategic by the so-called elite to have someone who looks like you take you out.

Genius itself but we must take a tactical approach and realize this isn’t a game of checkers its chess. There are several moves planned WAY ahead of ‘time’ and instead of Americans being reactionary we need to be proactive instead.

When a foreigner who is muslim comes to your land and opens up shop and your people aren’t producers, only consumers and they consume from foreigners. Your people are funding them and let’s say these people have no positive concern for you, what so ever. Those don’t even see them as anything wrong because the so-called African-American is use to being treated by garbage by foreigners because they don’t value themselves and have no culture. One who would notice that these foreigners reeking our benefits in our land and taking to give theirs and know they would not give you any of theirs in return, say this is not okay. But when your own like Radric Davis aka Gucci Mane literally promoted for causing chaos and you get others who will follow in his footsteps. With his mass following this becomes a mass issue.

We literally have our own committing terrible acts such as robbing and selling crack to our own and getting arrested and guess what the so-called African-American says? Free ______. Which is equivalent to saying “thank you for entertaining us”. The etymology of the word thank means to recompense which is done when you have done something wrong and yes you have done something wrong by saying this because you are further promoting destructive behaviour. If you had real desire to free _____ you would take action to get this person out of incarceration by putting money up for lawyers, going to court visits, signing petitions etc.

Shame on any adult who follows in their footsteps and promotes such awful character. You can not build a community with individuals like this. One spoiled vegetable ruins the whole batch. And because this weed has been planted by foreigner terrorist we must remove of the weeds and the things creating it. We have our God on our side so use to our advantage. Of course, we say that in a non-religion sense.

The toxicity that has been promoted to us Americans but in foreigner community, they wouldn’t dare let their own promote this filth on their own but they would gladly place it on yours.

Let’s play devil’s advocate on this one… contradiction right? But let’s say this person has served they’re time and for some of their crimes they were wrongfully sentenced. But after their time they still promote toxicity in their music. Would they still be toxic themselves? But yet so-called African-Americans idolize this nuisance of an agent simply promoted to cause destruction but gets away with it because he looks like our own.

Us Americans are not for it and will not glorify toxicity. And we have to be the change want to see. This is the land of the free because you don’t claim it.

This toxic drug culture has inspired us to create something that represents what we stand for. So-called African-Americans got this thing that oh we just trying to get some money. Trying to get some money by ruining someone else of your races life just to get some money. This hinders the populous. Crack has destroyed us, loved ones were kicking loved ones who were users out. This created more crime. Think about this, all of this just for destroying your own’s lives just for money. Money that won’t even get you financially independent or is an honest living.

Let’s play devil’s advocate again, the government puts it in our populous. Oh okay, but would you agree we don’t have to use them? Should we spend money with ourselves? Should we become producers instead of consumers? Should we open up businesses? Should we buy from own? Hopefully, you said yes to all those questions. This has inspired us to create attire based what we stand on, on this subject!

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