Fuji Apple Chips Alkaline Electric Recipe


Thinking back to when I had some apple chips when was younger made me have a craving for some. So I had the ingredients to make them and made it. Being that apples are on Dr. Sebi nutritional guide I was even more thrilled to try it! Here are the instructions:


Fuji Apple (2)
Grapeseed Oil (Apply as desired)
Amber Blue Agave Nectar (Apply as desired)


  1. Rinse apple
  2. Cut apple into chips
  3. Set stove to the desired setting
  4. Apply desired grapeseed oil into pan on stove
  5. Place the cut apples in the pan
  6. Add Amber Blue Agave Nectar (apply as desired)
  7. Flip as often as needed until desired
  8. Once cooked place apple chips on a plate to paper towel dry
  9. Add sea salt, then enjoy

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