Following Your Bliss

An Aboriginal woman meditating to follow her bliss.

Two hours ago I was fired from a fast food restaurant. I had only been working there for a month. I assumed this was gonna happen a week ago. I knew this decision wasn’t in my power so I wasn’t worried. I got to work and greeted my manager from the entrance and he said “You’re late!” flabbergastingly I looked at the computer getting ready to sign in, looking at the time on the screen reading 5:05 pm and replied “Five minutes…”. He said, “You were late last week too by TWO minutes”. I said nothing and proceeded to work because this guy is clearly tripping.

Later on through my shift, my manager told me about an employee who showed up an hour late and left two hours before her shifts ended all in a day. I just listened to him. Throughout the day he proceeded to converse with me as if everything was fine. I saw him doing the dishes and asked him “Aren’t you the head manager why are you the one doing dishes?” He said I’m just helping out and I am the head manager the only one above me is the owner, I run this sh*t.” I said, “Oh you’re the head of the plantation?” He said “yeah”.

He was leaving and before he left an employee mentioned the schedule to him I asked him if he completed the schedule? and he opened the binder with the schedule in it and said he hasn’t put down my hours yet. I said, “Call me if you need anything”. He said “okay” and left. The other manager was there and had me washing dishes towards the end of my shift. I was clocking out and the other manager said did you clock out I said yeah. He said, “Okay, I need to talk to you.” I said, “okay… am I in trouble?” He replied something to the effect of I don’t know. I followed him past the kitchen he said “You’re being terminated, then placed down three papers. Somewhat flabbergasted only because they knew the whole day and just said something now, I said, “why?” He said because you were late two times. On the paper, the time was extended to 10 minutes and the other to 5 minutes I’ve never been that late being the discussion I shared earlier in this article. Somewhat flabbergasted only because they knew the whole time. Funny I remember now as I’m writing this the manager who handed me the papers was over 10 minutes late before but didn’t get the slightest of the same reaction I got when I was late and actually replied rudely at the head manager when confronted about being late. Back to me getting terminated, He said “Kyle (the head manager) said for me to do this”. “I’m just doing my job.” “Sign and date here” “By you signing here you understand you will never be rehired by this place.” Signed and went about my business.

It didn’t bother me expect people will smile in your face when some things up but won’t address you. I find it funny now but maybe I expect too much from people, especially in that field. Well, there’s a first time for everything! Soon as I got home from work I checked my phone and I have a message from my Brother, Hru Of Afro Consciousness. This was the video he sent me.

I knew I wasn’t gonna be doing this job my whole life. But I know what I am going to do in my life is to follow my bliss and that is healing people through inspiration.

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