Exposing The Lottery


Somebodies gotta win. The lottery is the poor man’s tax. Many of you have heard this before but many purposely choose to be taxed. My friend has an addiction to the lottery… a bad one too. There have been times where they have rushed me out the house to work because we were carpooling and running late. They pulled over to stop at the gas station. Not for gas but for playing lotto tickets! They couldn’t control themselves and it was bad because it wasn’t just affecting their life but mine as well considering they were my ride to work and all. Don’t even get me started on the amount of money they spent, twenty to over a hundred dollars. I wanna say 200 one time but I know for all the times they played for decades it was well over that. And if you playing devil’s advocate so to speak I’m sorry to say this to you but there is no Satan in this house because they have never won. Imagine playing a game for decades of your life nearly every day religiously and never won the jackpot. Right there is a perfect example of insanity. Doing the same thing over again and expecting different results. I’m aware that the lotto is a scam but I wanted to know more about the lotto itself and here’s what I found:


Lotteries were once prohibited in every state in 1894. This was due to the bad reputation of laundering of money, private lotteries being held and the drawings being postponed or weren’t even drawn at times. As well as shopkeepers having access to sell certain lotteries, selling more tickets than allowed. Gambling was always viewed as immoral. It wasn’t until 70 years later lottery was allowed in the state of New Hampshire. [1]

Here is a video of Undercover officers catching clerks keeping winning lottery tickets that they themselves did not play:

What are your chances?

According to Powerball your chances of winning the grand prize are 1 in of 292,201,338. If only this was advertised as much as the winnings. But that’s a part of the robbery. Yes, I say robbery because you have a better chance than getting struck by lightning. The chance of you getting stuck by lightning is 1/1,042,000. Which are still better odds than the Powerball!

Poor man’s tax

Feeding a dream is healthy but feeding what you can’t afford isn’t. The lottery targets poor people by advertising and putting many corner stores where they sell liquor and other toxins in low-income areas. The best way to feed your dream effectively is to focus.


It is a quick way to get rich scheme. People in poverty have this misconception that this will get them out but will only secure their chance in poverty by having hope for something that is nearly impossible. This is taking advantage of people and should be made illegal, again. If done that would be opening a big can of worms so to speak along with religion and many other things.


Gamble is “to play, or game for money or other stake; hence to stake money or other thing of value on an uncertain event. It involves, not only chance, but a hope of gaining something beyond the amount played” – Black’s Law Dictionary Revised Fourth Edition. Doesn’t that sound like the lottery? The lottery is legal gambling that the government and companies capitalize off the gullible. “Gambler. One who follows or practices games of chance or skill, with expectation and purpose of thereby winning money or other property” – Black’s Law Dictionary Revised Fourth Edition. But wait there’s more. “Gambling Devices. Such device, apparatus, and the like, as is used and employed for gambling, in the sense that in using it, money or the like is staked, wagered, won, or lost as a direct result of its employment or operation” – Black’s Law Dictionary Revised Fourth Edition. For this one in case, you forgot what the odds were for the Powerball is 1 in 292,201,338 I must reiterate that is nearly impossible!

A video breakdown of the lotteries fraud:


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