Having loved ones who suffer from thyroid issues and it just happened to be a cycle from woman to woman amongst our loved ones. Well, we knew they weren’t born with this, so how did it develop and when? We know the rumour of things being hereditary is false so that couldn’t be it. When people say hereditary it’s conditioning instead. So what is the conditioning? Why haven’t these women took control of their own health and simply analyzed their own lives to simply discover what it was? As you can see we had many questions so we did our research and this what we came up with:

We heard from Dick Gregory yes the “pan african”… their guy say how perms are linked to thyroid issues. It just made sense because we knew that perms are toxic. So we told our loved American women and they weren’t having it! We told and broke it down to them thoroughly but they would rather destroy themselves with perms and relaxers then be thyroid cancer free.

What is thyroid cancer? That was the question we asked and found it is a tumour in the neck that affects metabolism. “The only certain way to tell whether a thyroid lump is cancer is by examining the thyroid tissue, obtained using a needle or surgery to obtain a biopsy.” according to MedicineNet.


Now that you saw that dipping an aluminium can into perm liquid dissolved the can itself then why put such a thing on your hair in the first place? Well one the answer would have to be is you don’t know who you are especially if you think you are African-American name a country or continent with the name “Africa-America’ and we will give you 1,000 dollars worth of products from our Shop section and we’ll even pay for the shipping. Matter of fact some goes with if you can name one with name “Black”. There we just increased your chances.

Crazy to see this sister get her hair straight for decades you would think after the chemical burns, scalp burns and other health injuries they would stop. How about the excruciating pain you get from using one and when it gets on your ears creating scabs and unbearable stinging! We are speaking from experience but we know from experience that this isn’t right. Mothers would say their mother put it in their hair when they themselves know it isn’t healthy. That’s an excuse that many will just keep passing on. When are you going to step up and be the change you want to see? Enough with the excuses. You only get two things in life excuses and results, nothing in between. ‘Excuses only sound best to those who make them up.’ To find out who said that quote is from grab our new eBook The 40 Day Jump Start To Get Anything Done! Quotes To Get You To The Journey!

Still on the video, to the ‘sister’ who said “All of a sudden, it’s suppose to be bad for you, well by now if something was gonna happen it was gonna happen.” Take a moment to take that in… Well if you are a person who listens objectively it would require that much time to that makes no sense. That ‘sister’ is stuck on stupid. Literally waiting for her fate to happen. Similar to how we spoke about the punishments of eating animal products there are consequences as well to other things and this is one of them. She is going against nature herself. Matter of fact she is nature! Her skin is the same color as the soil! Her skin is the same color as the deer! Her skin is the same color as the bear! Her skin is the same color as the squirrel! Her skin is the same color as the moose! Her skin is the same color as the beaver! Her skin is the same color as the bison! Her skin is the same color as the buffalo! Her skin is the same color as the ox! Ox’s have afros, you have an afro. Your hair grows as the trees! You resemble this land because you are the land. If in particular where this sister is located, if she’s in the American continent and she’s always been there wouldn’t that make her the American?  If you go against that what nature has designed for you wouldn’t think they are gonna be consequences to that?

On the same video, this is one of the comments left.

This type of “crutch”… let us dare say the words because this is worse than a crutch. You can’t simply wear the hair that grows out of your scalp? This further self-harming act becomes child abuse to our daughters and sons. You lead by example. They say the mother is the first teacher if you can’t even wear the hair that grows our your scalp what are you teaching them?

This self-hate culture has to stop, now! We can blame it on a series of other things why we do it but it comes back to what we said earlier you get two things in life excuses and results, nothing in between. We have to start taking control ourselves and stop letting others who don’t have our best interest in mind guide us. If you would like to know who should guide you just look into nature.

To quote the so-called sister who said “LIARS…..Rrelaxers are not freaking harmful, its what you do and how you do it!!!!” Gotta deep sigh at this stuff because stuff like this will hurt your brain and make you lose it at this pure stupidity. There isn’t any sweet word for describing this terrorist act. Yes, we said terrorist act putting this beyond acidic chemical in your child’s hair knowing the child screams of displeasure when given to them is by far child abuse as well. The negative connotations that come with that calling their virgin hair “nappy” then having them afraid of their own hair is indeed a terrorist act.  To the “sister” who mad the comment still, she’s supposedly natural but her hair type in the picture says otherwise but we digress.

Now, do deal with the supporting of foreigners… you know honestly we were gonna show a video what happens when they do support foreigners and they decide to assault them. This isn’t new, it’s been going on for too long! But ask us if we are angry about it. Well, we are not. Think about going into the lion’s den then getting mad when the lion attacks. But these are same people when you tell them to support their own like us they don’t and complain. Or say they do and don’t. Make a ton of excuses and no results in supporting their own. You will watch them support foreigners instead of their own. If you ran a business and then went out of business the so-called African-American would ask why when you watched them support foreigners instead of their own when you support them. Then they wonder why they don’t have anything.

Foreigners don’t go out of their way to support you. They often use you as a shielded or stepping stool to get what they want in your own land. But you on the other hand alley opp your money at them and then brag about how much unnecessary materialism you have and how much you spent.

A sister was talking to us and pulled out a red drinking can then set it down. We grabbed it while it was set down and asked her what it was and the first thing we saw “do not give to children, pregnant women, and nursing women”. We had to ask to sister to make the so-called African-American think because in order for a foreigner to come in your own land and call you a foreigner and you go along with it yourself that alone says you do not think for yourself. So we asked her “What do you think that means?” She said to us “oh I don’t know…”. We said to her “if you it says not give to pregnant women, nursing women and children what makes you think you can take it?” She had the same previous answer saying “I don’t know…”. We told her it’s great that we read before she got a chance to drink it, we’re gonna throw it away.” She said, “Uh uh don’t throw it away”. She went from acting concerned when we pointed it out till when we’re gonna throw it away switching up and saying if we do she’s going to buy another one. So we left it with her because you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. No disrespect to the horses because we think they would actually be intelligent enough not drink that filth.

Minutes later we saw her drinking the toxic “energy drink”. We spoke to her and smelled the drink and said it stinks and she smelled it then said “it smells fruity to me”. We replied that’s because your drinking it. She only laughed, disgusting.

Literally two days later she tells us how it was so slippery on the ground when she went to the gas station she told the clerk they need to put some salt down and he said he doesn’t care. We reminded that sister didn’t we say not to buy from them, don’t give them any of your money. She didn’t any anything. We said “That’s what they think of you. They could care less for you just as long as you pay them. That’s why a brother told us when the workers called another sister a b-word and were cussing at her and the brother said to the worker you should apologize and give her something free and he didn’t. That gas station got robbed two times in one week. Put the gun to their face to strong-arm them. The male worker who disrespected the sister verbally attacking her was fired he was a family friend but that was months ago and look what mentality they still have now.

The sister knew this story we told her but she still gives them her money. This goes to show you the so-called African-American makes their own fate. When it is met guess what will happen…

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