Dr Sebi Diet Obesity Fighting Alkaline Electric Food 14 Health Benefits of Raisins


Enjoying some raisins, the same kind from the Banana Raisin Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Crumble Recipe Eye wanted to know what are the benefits of this alkaline electric food that followed Dr Sebi list that was also in Aqiyl Anyis book The God-Awaking Diet. So Eye did the research and in the video is what we came up with. Also check out 11 Health Benefits of Mangos Alkaline Electric Food, 13 Health Benefits of Jalapeños7 Health Benefits of Cinnamon, 5 Health Benefits of Quinoa8 Health Benefits You Didn’t Know About Bananas5 Health Benefits of Burdock Root10 Health Benefits of Tomatoes33 Health Benefits of Pineapples, and 4 Health Benefits You Didn’t Know About Cucumbers.

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