Have you ever seen a part of grass that has a patch missing from the others or a piece of cardboard that’s covered over grass and over time you remove that cardboard that was covering the grass missing the grass underneath or in the process of dying? That’s like that for many Americans with what they’re doing with their hair today being us Americans are nature, so obviously we would resemble the land. Our hair growing as the trees and us being the same color as the trees, soil, and animals. So if you have something that is dying in nature it is because something is killing it. Alopecia is one of these things that is killing our people and here’s how and more below:

What is Alopecia? Sudden hair loss that starts with one or more circular bald patches that may overlap. According to, the McGraw-Hill Education Nursers’ Dictionary 4th Edition, it is acomia, baldness. According to, Online Etymology Dictionary Acomia is “baldness,” Modern Latin, from Greek akomos “hairless, bald,” from a- “not, without” (see a- (3)) + komē “hair” (see comet) + abstract noun suffix -ia.

Some of may say hair loss is natural at a certain age. But as we mentioned earlier in the beginning paragraph us Origines resemble the land and even more in-depth in the article Dr Sebi Diet Thyroid Cancer Reversed 13 Health Benefits of Red Bell Pepper Alkaline Electric Food 2019. You are the same color as and your hair grows the same as the Ox, Buffalo, Bison, at what age do you see these animals lose their fur? They don’t. Then why when comes to your hair you start going bald in your 30s, 40s, 50s, or any age period! You are supposed to be continually evolving life force as the creators. The question is what are you doing wrong to get such results?

The answer is going against nature. Diet, diet, diet, diet! We can not stress that enough! Are you still eating animal products? No other animal gets milk from another animal but with us, our own get it from others and it’s supposed it is healthy how is that? You know energy exists and things transfer. You eat an animal that has been tortured its whole life and only to be mutilated for your consumption. Don’t you think that energy will transfer to you? But your response is “Oh you don’t want to meet your meat”. Granite, we at one time did say this cowardly statement. We did not want to take responsibility for our actions and only reap the taste of slaughtered being. Which is entirely selfish by the way. How would you feel if someone did that to you and your own… oh wait they already are with putting fetuses in your foods with Senomyx (artificial sweetener) and organ harvesting you but that is another story. We will maybe get to that when we complete the book Black Markets: The Supply and Demand of Body Parts. But for more information on why you shouldn’t eat animal products read our article The Punishment Americans Face for Eating Animal Products 2018.

When we say diet we are not just talking about food. We are talking about diet as a whole what is your intake as far as vibrations sounds, smells, visions. All of these are important because you need to be accountable as far what you are taking in. Because music will only weaken you. Yes, you read that correctly music will weaken you! We showcased this in our article Gucci Mane Destroyed The “African-American” Populous 2018. Being the word music comes from the word amuse which is to stare stupidly. Why would you want to be mentally slow?

Are you inhaling a lot of toxicities? Such as smoking? Are you having troubling quitting smoking? If so just know that if you know better you do better, so here read 17 Ways to Quit Smoking. Know as well the best things for you to smell are in nature, make no doubt it. If it’s warm enough out where your at go into nature and sun gaze while you’re at it! If you are the people of the sun while can’t you look into the sun? Why can’t you look into yourself?

Are you listening to the sounds of nature? We at one time use to think bird sounds were annoying. We know, how naive of us! But growing with nature we discovering it is one the most joyful sounds to watch the birds in their normal habitat and communicate with each other!

You may be reading all of this and being saying how will all of this help me? Well, know that all is one. If one thing is out of whack then it will affect the others. The body must work in unison. As a whole, which the word health means. Us, Americans must begin to take accountability for ourselves as a whole. It starts with you who are reading this right here.

You have to be the change you want to see in this world. We could go on and on with a list of things you can do apply better for your health which is really just simple stuff! But we have to tell you these books and tell you NEED them as if it were your “bible” Alkaline Herbal Medicine: Reverse Disease and Heal the Electric BodyAlkaline Plant Based Diet: Reversing Disease and Saving the Planet with an Alkaline Plant Based DietThe God-Awakening Diet: Reversing disease and saving the planet with a plant based diet 2nd Edition all written by Aqiyl Aniys. We say bible in quotes because those that are familiar with our work know about religion with just a couple of articles to name Dr Sebi Kidney Failure Alkaline Fighting Electric Food 15 Health Benefits of Hass Avacodo’s | Touching on Religion and Origins of Religion and How it Conquered “African-Americans” | Astrology Breakdown by Michael Tsarion. But those books above contain very powerful healing, we can’t stress that enough!

The author even follows the American brother Dr. Sebi’s diet and continues to spread his legacy. This is what is needed to create a community.

With Alopecia reported as 200,000 cases in the United States alone yearly we know this a bigger problem for us Americans. But, here at Healing Through Inspiration, we see the word problem as an opportunity to become better.

With our hair we must wear our virgin hair for the same reason we gave in the beginning about the covering of grass will kill the grass below it which is you. We come up with excuses on why can’t wear our virgin hair but one thing is for sure with excuses won’t get results. You only get two things in life and those are excuses and results, nothing in between! You see what you got with excuses now see what you get for going towards results?

We use the words “virgin hair” because many who say they are natural use a rod that gets 400 degrees hot in order to cook their hair to change it or even dye their hair… which is dye… it’s in the name you are killing your hair. We explained this more in-depth in Dr Sebi Diet Hair Strengthening 13 MORE Health Benefits of Cucumbers Alkaline Electric Food.

As well as the toxic chemicals and toxic things our own use, we expressed in Dr Sebi Diet Thyroid Cancer Reversed 13 Health Benefits of Red Bell Pepper Alkaline Electric Food 2019 because they will lead to thyroid issues if they haven’t already, being all is one. The solution all of this is us Americans must return to nature. These lands are dying out and if you are the land what does that say about you?

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