Dr Sebi | 11 Things You Didn’t Know About Electric Food



A friend introduced me to this brother who changed my life. I never got the chance to meet this great brother who goes by the name of Dr. Sebi. Through via youtube I learned so much about my health and is the major reason why I am at the level of health consciousness today. Dr. Sebi educated us Aboriginals on what food we need to eat. Once I applied what I learned I began to see drastic changes in my health. From physical being the bruises and scratches on my hands being completely healed as if they were never there! Or the mental clarity I have now from which I shared in 9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Eat Meat and in 6 Things You Didn’t Know About Fasting. I was truly amazed when I stumbled upon “Electric food, is the only food”.

This video this changed my life and here are some notes I jotted down while watching this video:

  • Anything of pH 7+ is Alkaline
  • Don’t eat carrots, spinach (starch)
  • Anything man made has starch because starch is a binder
  • Starch is not a food it is a chemical
  • Fish rots in the intestines
  • Anything that has a head leave it alone.
  • Don’t eat soy
  • The Gorilla does not eat the food of a lion. But the black race eat the food of the lion. So we can’t eat Chinese food. We can’t eat Chinese food. We can’t eat Caucasian food. We are not caucasian, we are not Chinese. We are black and what does that mean? Well, I use the word black and I use that to loosely because I don’t like the word. *Person in the background* “What’s a good word?” I don’t even know white collars a serve anything. *Person in the background* “The shadows.” No, I am… You call me Negro, you call me nigga, you call me color boy, you call me black, you call me Africa. I’m not an African. Because the continent was not Africa. So what are we? *BP* “Planetarium”. Thank you very much.
  • Physicians don’t go to school to cure disease.
  • Sickle cell is when blood plasma has broken down into a sickle. Mucus seeps in the plasma removing the mucus. The cell unites again to maintain that level you have to feed the patient large levels of iron phosphate, not ferrous oxide. Then we have to replace the mineral that has been lost.
  • Iron phosphate is the only magnetic mineral on the planet. Being magnetic it pulls other than minerals to it. Proportion imbalance when you take this you see results in less than 5 minutes.

This was a true eye-opener for me and I hope this was for you too! Please do research on the great Dr. Sebi. Let us know down below which part spoke to you the most by joining the community. Our email address is Info@healingthroughinspiration.com

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