Many so-called blacks who are actually Americans say “oh why can’t we just come together as a community!?” Well, for one a community is when you own businesses, schools and the police stations etc. and you do not do near any of that. How do you expect to be a community when you don’t even know where you come from? When you call yourself “black” but you’re actually copper colored. You call yourself a foreigner but you’re actually an original inhabitant in your own land.

You are maybe the most imaginative people on this planet you really think that caucasians rounded up millions of you put you a boat through the rapid transatlantic. What type of wood did they use for the ships? Where is the mass deforestation in order to make the ships? Had you stacked on top of each other urinating and defecating all over each other. How could survive with little food and only sea water available, you would get sick from drinking the sea water and die, so how could you survive? Better yet how much food did they give you? How many people did it take you? What part of Africa are you from? After all the reparations Africa are receiving today why hasn’t Africa claimed you? If the word slave is Slavic which pertains to european regions, why do they keep referring to you as that and you aren’t european? If you are supposedly an “African-American” how can you be of two nationalities, you’re not from Africa so which one is it? Anytime you hyphen a word you take away from the original by saying they are less than. So the issue is with “why can’t you just come together as a community” is that how can you be a teacher when you do not lead by example?

3:53 You can see them look as why you recording me and here? At 4:00 almost as a what do you want foreigner look?

Do you see the beauty in this? This is achievable as us original inhabitants create our own where we instead grow and serve the food made best for the original inhabitant which was provided by the American Brother from Honduras Dr. Sebi an Alkaline Electric Diet. In the video, you see they have their culture anytime they leave their place of being they wear the head coverings out and inside the temple, it is a requirement for to at least wear that. They are able to have a sense of unity because they know who they are. “Your culture is like your immune system lack of it makes you more susceptible to disease”- Healing Through Inspiration.

Before they open their mouth you know exactly what stand on. When we look at you so-called African-American what do you let me know who you are, what is your culture and what do you stand on before we even hear you open your mouth? That’s something you should think about. Being an American your ancestors identified themselves by at least with wearing their feathers on their head. We’re not telling you to go to Israel, Africa, any other landmass than your own or any religion period we simply saying to be what your ancestors are in their American continent.

Yes, we are saying the American continent because we have to stop thinking our home is just 50 states, when it stretches from North America to Central America, The Carribbean to South America. We’re here to tell America is bigger than Africa. Why do they keep coming to your land if they claim to have the richest land? When 2/3 of Africa is a dessert.

With being with ever situation you are in we would recommend growing plants in rapid time than in soil with in water instead our american ancestors the Aztecs in the book Encyclopedia of American Indian Contributions to the World: 15,000 Years of Inventions and Innovations (Facts on File Library of American History) and a book which we will soon to be complete studying, yes studying because you need to strive to know books of substance to apply them and that book is The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Aquaponic Gardening: Discover the Dual Benefits of Raising Fish and Plants Together. What is aquaponics? well, the book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Aquaponic Gardening: Discover the Dual Benefits of Raising Fish and Plants Together in the introduction explains “An aquaponic garden allows a gardener to avoid chemical fertilizers by using fish to
provide nutrients for the plants. The plants grow in a soil-free environment, and the
roots clean the water for the fish. Together, the fish and plants work together so the
water can be recycled indefinitely. You only need to replace water that has evaporated,
reducing your water bill.
Aquaponic gardens produce food naturally with much less water than a conventional
garden. Aquaponics is becoming popular among people concerned about nutrition,
avoiding artificial additives, and protecting the environment.
You can create an aquaponic garden almost anywhere you can bring together light
and space using a footprint as small as a single square foot. And aquaponics is easy.
Once you’ve created your system, you won’t need to water or weed it, or even bend
over. You will be able to grow more plants in less space than in a traditional garden,
and your plants will grow faster and larger.”

If that doesn’t sound in the least bit of interesting to you than you are probably a person who doesn’t have positive concern for your own future or other Origines and know that self-sufficiency is a necessity! Enough of waiting, you reap what you sow if you do not make a move to at least apply this stuff then nothing will change positively for you. What stays in motion tend to be in motion, so what motion are you going to take?

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