Brown Green Yellow Orange Blue Red Art Mask Making | Reconnect to Your Land


We are further discovering ourselves as the American by reconnecting to our land our ancestors first inhabited. This is an evolving process that never ends and that’s the joy of it. In order to evolve, we must follow the ancestors and correct their wrong doings by simply following our bliss. We must further reiterate, this cannot be done until you reconnect to your land. We have to stop being afraid of nature because we are nature. These concrete jungles aren’t made for us.

You can reconnect to the land by walking into the forest, just being in the forest (forest bathing). The plants are on your frequency. If you see some trash pick it up and throw it away. Take care of this land because it takes care of you. The plants give you oxygen to breathe, vegetation and herbs and are the reason why you are living, not some pale or false deity in the sky you or no one has never seen that is part of some religion. If you look back your ancestors never had religion, prior to the invader foreigner terrorist’s arrival. They didn’t have religion because nature was their “God”.

This is the land of the free because you don’t claim it.

Brown Green Yellow Orange Blue Red Art Mask

If you a proud American and wish to wear something represents your heritage well this is for you!

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