Alkaline Guacamole Alkaline Electric Recipe


As I learn about Dr. Sebi nutritional guide (there are many changes) I stumbled across Ty’s Conscious Kitchen on youtube that makes amazing Dr. Sebi inspired recipes. A video where they were making guacamole. After watching the video I became motivated to make my own, so I did. This is how it was made it:


Hass Avocados (2)
Green Pepper (apply desired)
Sea Salt (apply desired)
Ground Pepper (apply desired)
Serrano Pepper (2
White Onion
Red Onion
Grapeseed Oil (apply desired)
Lime (1/2)
Roma Tomatoes (3)


After washing the produce.

  1. Cut the produce that needs so and then place into a bowl.
  2. Add Grapeseed oil (apply as desired)
  3. Mix (till desired)
  4. Add diced Roma Tomatoes last (when mixed they mash)
    Optional: Refrigerate

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