8 Things You Didn’t Know About Factory Farms


We were conversing with a friend who was telling me how much they love factory farms. We began telling them to choose wisely what you get from them. As we become more health conscious we learn everything isn’t always as it seems. Organic does not necessarily mean organic for factory farms. Here are some of the things we shared with our friend about factory farms:


Yes, there is cannibalism in on these farms. Your meat is eating your meat. This is when chickens are locked in cages extremely crowded with obtuse slopes on the bottom for discomfort so the birds waste can drop out of the cage. The chicks become agitated and peak and eat other chickens. The solution for the factory farmers is to debeak them, according to The McDonaldization of Society 5 by George Ritzer. The debeaking is done by being either burned or cut off. Many chickens die in this process.

Organic isn’t organic

How is this so? We explain in The Truth On Organic Vs Conventional.

Chicks that don’t lay eggs lay dead (sooner)

Male chicks who can’t lay eggs are immediately sent on the conveyer belt ready to be ground up. While the other has their fate awaits longer only to be met the same in due time.

Want Beef?

Cows are in tight cages since birth and fed liquid only to soften them up along with no exercise being given. The cows are wanted fat and to have less muscle than usual. According to The McDonaldization of Society 5 by George Ritzer.

Cows life expectancy

Cows live up to 18-22 years, naturally. On the factory farm, the life expectancy is 5 years. With serious health conditions, some have the ability to live 12-15 years.

They make a mess

And don’t always clean up after themselves. It’s quite common these factories leave their mess for someone else. Dairy Company Owner Sentenced to Six Months of Home Detention and Ordered to Pay $15,000 Fine for Discharging 11,000 Gallons of Cow Feces into the French Broad River.

Cows are often chained

With heavy ones to refrain them from moving. They’re kept in close to completely dark places obtain anemia, to maintain the desired look of paleness.

You are what eat…

Not that should be eating animal products as we explained in 9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Eat MeatWhen the life of an animal you eat the spirit of it as well. Which is negative energy from the torture they received before physically transitioning.

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