8 Health Benefits You Didn’t Know About Bananas

Later she will eat a banana to resolve soreness and help her body regulate.

Bananas make the best breakfast! There really is no bad time to eat a banana. One day I was walking in my place and all of a sudden I instantly dropped to the ground and curled up like an accordion. I was singing of pain too while having the most intense cramp of my life. Rocking back and forth like a swing set in use. I looked at my foot where the cramp was and my big toe was cocked and separated and from my other toes as if it were an equator in between them preventing both from touching. This wasn’t the first time I’ve had a cramp but this was the first time and I had a cramp like this! I started panicking because my normal rituals to temporary solve the pain weren’t working much, such as massaging it until I was able to get some water. But I was on the ground and was not getting up anytime soon. Suddenly remembering from what advice a friend gave me I recalled them saying “Eat a banana when you have a cramp”. I began rolling and crawling into the kitchen and reached up on the counter grabbed a banana peeled it back and ate it like popeye the sailor man. I was filled with energy and most importantly relieved of pain and jolted back up on my feet with relief. After this experience, I began to do more research on the banana and here is some things I learned:


That’s what you more likely to do if you add bananas to your diet. It has anti-depression properties in it. It contains tryptophan. An essential amino acid, the precursor of serotonin. Known to enhance your mood and make you happier.


Tryptophan also has a relaxant in it to make one relaxed. Relaxation makes for better sleeping. [1]

Burn fat

With 12 mg of choline. Choline is an amine, constituent of lecithin and other phospholipids; involved in protein metabolism. Which help regulate your metabolism while burning fat at the same time. [2]


A condition marked by a deficiency of red blood cells or of hemoglobin in the blood, resulting in pallor and weariness. This contains large amounts of iron which provoke your hemoglobin to produce more blood. That makes for an excellent combat against amenia.


Infrequent defecation with a passage of unduly hard and dry fecal material, the sluggish action of bowels. With bananas being loaded with fiber no laxatives will be necessary.

Mosquito bite

Next time a mosquito bites you instead of getting out the ointment. Try rubbing the inside of a banana peel on the location that was impacted. People have said this has relieved them of stress and irritation. [3]


Which may be also associated with binge eating. Binge pertaining to eating is a short period devoted into indulging in an activity to access to drinking and eating. Due to people’s lifestyles whether they are sitting/laying down the majority of the time. With doing this at a job or just filled with stress, one way of coping with this is to result in comfort by indulging into excessive cravings. Hints overeating which leads to obesity and a number of problems, that many people face. A solution to this eating is bananas. This regulates blood glucose causing this unnecessary feeling to go away.


A Sudden neurological deficit with or without unconsciousness due to cerebral thrombosis, hemorrhage or embolism. Studies have been shown that low potassium intake has been linked with stroke. Eating bananas will reduce the chances of strokes. [4]

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