7 Health Benefits of Cinnamon

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Sure many people may know cinnamon is good for them. But less know what it’s good for. Here are seven health benefits of it below:


Filled with many of them that prevent from diseases like atherosclerosis, and other illnesses. It also defends the body of harmful molecules known as free radicals. Out of 26 most popular herbs, it has the highest amount of antioxidants in the world. [1]

Lowers Blood Sugar

With high blood sugar being a big problem this does a great job at lowering it. It has the ability to lower your glucose subsequent to eating. There is a compound called hydroxychalclone that works as in it which acts as a constitute of insulin, which is great for diabetes.


Is a malignant tumor which is invasive and metastasizes to new sites by lymph/blood. The cinnamon reduces the malignant tumor and the blood vessels in the tumor. It can detoxify enzymes in the colon, defending and preventing further cancer growth.

HIV Virus

Human immunodeficiency virus is infection impairs the body’s cellar immune system. Cinnamon taken out of cassia(plant) is beneficial in fighting cancer when used. Out of 69 plants, examined cinnamon was the best preventative of cancer. [2]

Heart Disease

Aka Cardiovascular disease is conditions of the heart that have unhealthy blood clots, vessels, shape and functional problems. Heart disease is the leading cause of death. [3] One leading cause of heart disease is consumption of animal products. Cinnamon will lower your chance of heart disease and fights against it encouraging blood flow.


Lowers risk of brain function decline such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. It reduces swelling and inflammation. Cinnamon soothes premenstrual syndrome pain, critical allergic reactions, and other body pain as well. [4]

Mouth Care

Cinnamon has a natural breath freshener that is defensive against oral bacteria that can leads to tooth decay, infections, and cavities. Oil from cinnamon can be used a natural anti-bacteria mouthwash.

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