6 Things You Didn’t Know About Fasting

An Origine woman meditating to follow her bliss, while on her fast.

Every winter we would get sick and have a runny nose. It was a yearly ritual. Common right? Yeah, but the thing was we didn’t want it to be common or the common cold. With so much mucus in me and not an enough tissue in the world for me to get it out. We said to ourself we gotta do something about this mucus that is weighing me down. We searched online many home remedies but found no positive results, just more headaches until we came across fasting. Then we thought this what one of my friends was talking about. After watching some videos and reading some articles online we saw how to prepare for a fast, and gave it a shot. Here’s what we learned:

1 Detox

In western culture, it is advertised to overeat and to eat every day. When actually this habit is not good for the body. 1/3 of the bodies energy is used to break down food. If the body itself is self-healing. The more efficient way of going by things is too fast. That way the body uses the rest of its energy to burn unnecessary fats and rid of any toxins. This process is known as ketosis.

2 Disease

Excluding death, fasting can cure any disease! The thing that lives through disease is mucus and the only disease is mucus. Once you get rid of the mucus you get rid of the disease. It just varies on how long of a fast you going to take. Due to severe health conditions, short fast should be taken periodically.

3 Prep

You may want to jump straight to it after reading so far but we would not advise that. This is something your body has never experienced before and it’s best to prep. To prep, you should decrease your eating gradually as you approach your fast. This will make for a smoother transition and a better outcome.

4 Signs

Headaches, pimples, stomach pain, rashes, profuse sweating, repulsive odor from the physique, reoccurring urination and fevers are common the body is coping with the change and fighting off infections and getting rid of toxins. During this purifying going on the body’s responses are happening because the skin, kidneys, intestines, and lungs are arduously functioning to remove assembled poisons.

5 Less Energy

During your fast you will feel tired, this is normal. Your body is trying to accommodate the change.  It’s important to drink water and best to fast while at home by yourself or with other people who are fasting as well. You can all share your feelings ideas being you are in the same state of being at the time. Due to the certain energies that are easier to pick up while fasting, you become more vulnerable because your feelings are intense. So it’s best that you try to stay away from people who are not fasting.  Also being around them will only make things difficult for you to turn down food from them. For this try to socialize as little as possible for you are more open to others energy and this can be overwhelming.

6 Spirit

The body is not taking in food or nutrients. So the skill to take in vital energy from your surroundings builds up. At this time it would be appropriate to be one with nature. Go walks, swim in the sea, canoe in the ocean, just let yourself be free. When fasting things will be feeling more intense like even listening to vibrations, singing, and what not because you are more open. This is great to practice things that involve your energy being channelled as we named above.

An article that we found helpful was http://flowingfree.org/the-art-of-fasting/ .

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