5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Drink Alcohol

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Like many things that are legal in this crooked world does not mean they are okay. I was at a party with some friends trying to enjoy ourselves. It was quite difficult to do so when drunk people slurring their words, losing their balance trying to dance or walking for instance. You know how many times someone says oh “I was drunk” for their unacceptable behavior? Too many times that’s how many times. Don’t be that person, please don’t.

1 It is a Drug

Stay away from drugs and yes this includes alcohol. Alcohol dries out the body, makes you lose fluids and will cause you to be dehydrated. Alcohol is very addictive and once hooked can be difficult to stop. It can cause liver disease which can be very detrimental to one’s health.

2 It’s The Cool Thing to Do

Uh wrong… I know this may seem like it the way it is advertised in the media. We’ve all seen the commercials there having a blast at a party then the camera pans over to the alcoholic beverage like it’s the cause of all of this. Then the final words are always “Drink responsibly.” Think about those words for a second… If you wanted someone to drink responsible and you know alcohol is harmful wouldn’t the responsible thing is to not have people drink at all? It’s not really complicated when you think about it. The keyword is to simply “think”…

3 Excuses

Doing things out of your behavior and not knowing it until someone tells you when you are sober enough to listen. Doesn’t even sound appealing why would you want to do something then have no memory of it occurring. Back to the “drink responsibly” phrase that’s not being responsible at all. Do I even have to get on how dangerous it is to drive while drunk? Or shall I leave that one alone? Because I think you get the point.

4 No Control

Alcohol brings the worst out of people. People do not make rational decisions when they’re drunk and can be very harmful to others around them and themselves. This includes the one’s who seem to love everyone when they’re drunk because being that they are drunk love can turn to hate really fast. You lose control of your speech and slip over your own words worst than an infant learning how to speak. The balance of an infant just learning how to walk as well, so essentially you are regressing by drinking.

5 Depression

Many people drink because they’re depressed and drinking can lead to depression and suicide. I promise you the key to getting rid of depression is not more depression. The solution is positivity for ways to find positivity in life click here. Drinking the pain away does not work. You have to first assess what the problem is and ask yourself will drinking make it go away? Drinking the pain away will only cause more pain and that never helps.

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