5 Health Benefits of Burdock Root

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Burdock hit the spot! To think we would have never heard about this hadn’t it been recommended to me by a friend. They told me how to prepare it by skinning it until you get to the root, then you could eat from their raw or boil it whole. With the skins you let them dry then make tea out of them. We chose to skin it, chop the root then ate it raw. While of course making myself a cup of tea. Blown away at the same time by how great the vegetable was and that you make tea out of it we were ecstatic. We enjoyed it, but we wanted to know how was this beneficial to me so we did some research and here’s what we found:


A disorder of the metabolism causing excessive thirst and the production of frequent large amounts of urine. Burdock root contains insulin. Insulin is a hormone secreted by the beta cells of islets of Langerhans of the pancreas. It also lowers your glucose levels.


A malignant tumor which is invasive and metastasizes to new sites by lymph/blood. Herbalist use burdock root for natural medicine as it is anticancer.

Skin conditions

“Burdock has been used in traditional medicine to treat skin conditions such as eczema, acne, and psoriasis because it promotes the removal of toxins from the skin.”- Alkaline Herbal Medicine by Aqiyl Aniys. Psoriasis is “A chronic itchy disorder of skin marked by lesions on extensor surfaces with very yellow-white scales. A psoriasis skin produces nearly 2700 cells/cm^2 per day in normal person and cell cycle is reduced to 36 hours in comparison to the normal of 311 hours”- McGraw-Hill Education Nures’ Dictionary 4th Edition.


An agent that increases the formation of urine. Burdock promotes urination to stimulate kidney function and to repair says Aqiyl Aniys in the book Alkaline Herbal Medicine.


“A primary use for burdock root is as a blood purifier and liver tonic to restore liver function and health”- Alkaline Herbal Medicine by Aqiyl Aniys. This a great cleanser for people who drink alcohol or have diseases.

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