4 Reasons Why You Should Begin Your Natural Hair Journey


How should you feel about your natural hair? When comes to natural hair I was lost for many years. I was lost and discouraged about many things in my life, due to my environment and bad influences around me. Constantly being controlled as if my own actions were not acceptable. I had to realize I wasn’t a puppet and took control of my own life. Being distracted by others views as what’s deemed acceptable to society. Molded my mind to something I wasn’t comfortable with. For example, my own hair being told that short course hair is not presentable. I went against that ideology and never looked back. It opened new doors for me and I’ve never felt better. I am pleased to share 4 tips that helped along my natural hair journey

1 Discovering Your Own Journey

Starting off on my natural hair journey I was disappointed with the results because I was looking at someone else’s journey and comparing it to mine. But I had to learn that if you compare yourself to anyone else you’ll always find them having something better than what you have. Seeing the rate of my hair growth slower than what I wanted it to be taught me patients and that you can’t always rush things in life. Like the saying “you can’t rush art”, just think of your hair as the art.

2 You Won’t Regret It

Once you truly find yourself there is no better feeling but to help others find themselves as well. This is the first phase to find yourself. Many Afrakan people say they feel if they wear their virgin hair they’ll feel like their self of esteem will go down. For the beginning maybe so but afterward completely the opposite. You just getting accommodated to your hair in its natural virgin state and realizing there is nothing better.  If you’re worried go 30 days with your virgin when you’re out and about.

3 Learn More About Yourself

I didn’t even like my own hair. Think about that not liking your virgin hair that grows from your scalp. I know terrible right but that all changed when I started taking control of my life and this began with starting my hair journey. You are doing yourself a disservice by not wearing your virgin hair. From loving of your own hair will explore too many other things to love about yourself you didn’t love at all or as much. Trends will always die out. If you follow trends you will essentially die out as well, because you do not know yourself. You must take on your own journey to know where you’re going. Where does that start? With your natural hair journey.1 Discovering Your Own Path

4 You’ll Inspire Others

Break the narrative and create your own. You have to put yourself before others in order to help others. You never know you’ll go in public with your virgin hair and some who’s insecure about their own will feel confident wearing their virgin hair seeing you wear yours. The feedback from others is really a great feeling as wearing your own hair. So give it a shot for 30 days. For how to care for Afrakan virgin hair click here.

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