4 Great Healthy Tips for Pregnant so Called Black Women

52444794 - pregnant woman rubbing her belly sitting on exercise ball

The beginning of a life can be stressful just like life itself. A family friend who was pregnant was under a lot of stress. Her feet always were hurting her. She felt like had almost uncontrollable mucus, bladder, and pain. She tried resting but that did not resolve the problems. She asked me for my advice and I told her to:

1 Soak

Your body is swelling and aches. Fill the tub up with warm water and some Epsom Salt. This will reduce the swelling and soreness.

2 LOC Method

Hair and scalp dry? No problem, just check out the steps using the LOC method.

3 Moisturize

For dry and itchy skin shower or bath for 5 minutes or less then you would usually. Use a mild cleanser. When you get out of the shower/bath apply shea butter and cocoa butter. This works well to treat dry and itchy skin.

4 Stay Cool

Sweating is common in pregnancy, along with cool bathing wear breathable clothes and clothes that are made out cotton. Having larger breast is normal, wear a cotton bra for when the sweating occurs.

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