33 Health Benefits of Pineapples | How To Cut a Pineapple


Although Dr. Sebi did not approve of this on his list a video from Social info Radio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUjbaqkEbPw made us question some things he stated (we’re paraphrasing) you put something in the body that is acidic may mean it alkalizes as it goes through the body. If this is so this could pose some new information that should be more investigated. Being that pineapple is acidic can probably explain why it can cut your lips after as soon as you cut it and eat it. So this could further prove Dr. Sebi’s point on not to eat them. But, we did some research on the health benefits of Pineapple and found a lot of them in this video. Also check out 11 Health Benefits of Mangos Alkaline Electric Food, 13 Health Benefits of Jalapeños7 Health Benefits of Cinnamon, 5 Health Benefits of Quinoa8 Health Benefits You Didn’t Know About Bananas5 Health Benefits of Burdock Root10 Health Benefits of Tomatoes and 4 Health Benefits You Didn’t Know About Cucumbers.

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