Dr Sebi Diet Prevent Birth Defects Autism 32 Health Benefits of Eggplant Alkaline Electric Food


Looking back on our article Dr Sebi Diet Pregnant Woman Alkaline Electric Food 24 Health Benefits of Green Onions (Scallions, Spring Onions) we wanted to help Pregnant Origines and babies more being the serious state we are in, so we did some research.

We have many cases of autism recently in our American populous. American children autism rates are twice as higher than Caucasians kids. One thing we can tell you is that when our American ancestors were on their homeland know as America, turtle island there was no autism, cancer or any other disease you can name besides mucus and death. Other death, mucus is a disease. In order to rid of disease, you must remove the mucus.

How do you rid of mucus? Fasting, following these two books: The God-Awakening Diet: Reversing disease and saving the planet with a plant based diet 2nd Edition and Alkaline Herbal Medicine: Reverse Disease and Heal the Electric Body
both by the brother Aqiyl Aniys. Please, our Origines when we tell you, you need this book YOU NEED IT. This no joking matter at the serious state us Aborigines our in this a must have. Keep these book as a bible, they actually work though when you use them!

We say that because you spend time praying to something that doesn’t exist and don’t get solutions. Those are the solutions! This knowledge is all given to the people by the great Dr Sebi.

We have provided many other health benefits of food: 15 Health Benefits of Garden Tomatoes7 Health Benefits of Salad13 MORE Health Benefits of Cucumbers9 MORE Health Benefits of Bananas, 16 Health Benefits of BlackBerries15 Health Benefits of Hass Avacodo’s18 Health Benefits of Orange Bell Peppers14 Health Benefits of Red Onions11 Health Benefits of Mangos Alkaline Electric Food13 Health Benefits of Jalapeños7 Health Benefits of Cinnamon, 24 Health Benefits of Green Onions5 Health Benefits of Quinoa8 Health Benefits You Didn’t Know About Bananas10 Health Benefits of Yellow Bell Peppers14 Health Benefits of Raisins5 Health Benefits of Burdock Root10 Health Benefits of Tomatoes36 Health Benefits of Lacinato Kale33 Health Benefits of Pineapples, 4 Health Benefits You Didn’t Know About Cucumbers and 19 Health Benefits of Green Leaf Lettuce. We know it is a lot of information but is most definitely worth it.

To make a change no matter what position in life you are in for the better, we have this for you!

The 40 Day Jump Start To Get Anything Done! Quotes To Get You To Your Journey!

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