3 Ways To Use Your Time Productively

An Aboriginal Woman focusing to get things done.

I have tunnel vision when I’m in my zone. Nothing can interfere with me not even myself and even when I try to interfere I am immediately stopped before I can even reach my zone. It sounds complex because in a way it is. But to sum it all up would be that I am focused. This is great to achieve such a level of focus but I wasn’t always like this. As a child, I was told something was wrong with me. Like for not paying attention to something I had no interest in. I know, imagine that! As I developed I was able to obtain a great level of focus. Focusing sounds easier said than done. But in this modern age filled with many distractions, it is quite difficult. Here are the 3 ways I used to remain focused:

Turn OFF the electronics!

I can not stress this one enough! Turn off the unnecessary electronics. This may actually be harder for people today who actively use technology. With the craze in social networks, games, etc. I have a rule for those doing business when using such things is if it’s not for business do NOT use it. It will be hard at first but extremely beneficial.


This may seem like a contradiction being I am telling you ways to be productive of time and remain focused. Now I’m telling you to relax. It is best to clear one’s mind to prepare for work ahead. Whether it be listening to your favorite tune, exercise, resting, going for a walk, just as long as it does not hinder you do it!

Write things down

I know I said earlier I can’t stress this one enough but I really can’t stress this one enough, as well. This is probably one of the key things I use to get things done. With the mind being so complex, it’s hard to keep track of things the best way to counter this is to write them down. I make a list of things I need to get done as well as ideas. Without this, I wouldn’t be able to get half of the stuff I do finish, finished or even started.

I hope you find these useful as they were to me. Tell us some of your ways you use to remain focused and using your time productively, down below. To join the community simply create an account. My email address is Info@healingthroughinspiration.com