3 ways to Have an Healthy Hair for Afrakan people

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Many times I would grow my hair out and would have dry and length results that I was not okay with. Let alone pressured by others in the family to cut my hair, it looks nappy, I look like a rag a muffin. Having perms applied to my hair because my hair wasn’t deemed acceptable by so called white society. This discouraged me from being comfortable with myself. Over time I gained confidence and took it upon myself to grow my hair out. I’ve had short hair for majority of my life and was tired of it. I proceeded to do so and on my hair journey I did not know how to care for my hair properly. Being that the stereotype of caring for so called black peoples hair is difficult. I discovered on my own this was completely wrong. It just takes time and effort to apply yourself kind of like life.

All you need to do is get your hair dripping wet, detangle and follow the “LOC method”. What is the LOC method you ask? Well great question let’s find out.

1 Leave-in conditioner.

To conditioner the hair and keeping it from breaking, detangle, and keep your hair soft.

2 Oil. To keep your hair hydrated and moisturised for fewer chances of breakage.


3 Cream. Used as a seal to hold all the things applied to help your hair maintain.

Another tip is to massage your scalp to stimulate blood flow. Remember you are what you eat so it best to give your body the best foods to help it grow and this applies to your hair as well. Your hair is like a plant you have to give water and the right nutrients and it will grow.

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