3 Tips to be Happy and Positive

Happy african woman


Many years I used to wake up upset and depressed. At first, I didn’t know why. I was always stressed and in bad mood. My negative emotional state affected my relationships with relatives, friends and teachers. I took a long time to understand the cause of the negative emotions. Last I finally figured out. Today I am going share 3 tips that you can use to be and remain happy and positive.

Tip 1 number 1 -Turn off tv

It took me a long time to understand and identify the source of my negative emotions and life. One day I listened to an audio book called Entrepreneur Revolution, the author said that he changed his life after he turned the TV. I followed his advice and within a week I could feel the difference. I was happy and more positive. The absence of breaking news and gossip enable my mind to think and be at ease. I started to smile more and be nicer to people. They in return became nicer to me. I then spent a week meditating and evaluating my life. I realise that every time I  spent 1 hour watching TV my mood changed. I felt very depressed. This is my sincere advice. Turn off the Tv then sell it on Ebay. You will not regret it. TV is used to brainwash people and keep them stuck in a matrix made of war, aggression, anger and division. Spend a week with then please let me know what how you feel.

Tip number 2 Exercise

Last May I watched a youtube video about Maat. The brother on the video calls himself Hru. I was intrigued and one I contacted him. We started to talk then he advised to try martial arts and to exercise daily. I followed his advice and wow. I went for a run then started to meditate. The exercise transformed into a very happy and cheerful young black man. It allowed to sweat off my worries and stress. If you want to change your life and become more positive and happier then exercise is a great strategy. It’s not doubted one of the best strategies that you can use to change your life


Tip number 3 Food

Health is wealth and this couldn’t more true with Dr Sebi Diet Alopecia Reversed 21 Health Benefits of Quinoa Alkaline Electric Food 2019.

Thank for reading. Please share your ideas and I will be delighted to learn from you. My email is Asar@healingthroughinspiration.com