3 Steps to Overcome Depression

Later she will eat a banana to resolve soreness and help her body regulate.

Several months ago I was so sad and down, the word depression is only an understatement for what I was feeling. My narcissistic mother controlling my every move, tracking everything I did along with my enabling father, brother, aunt and anyone who I considered family. Being the pressure I was put on by my so called family I was scared of them. But only scared of them because they were scared of me and the guilt they have and the power I possess at such a young age. So I took it upon myself to get out of this hole.

1. Distract Yourself

Moaping around will not do anything beneficial and will hinder you. If you are alone and find yourself thinking about depression, say out loud “Get that out of my head”. Works very well. It might sound outrageous but is less outrageous than allowing those thoughts to overcome the peace in your mind.

2. Exercise

Take interest in other things get physically fit and mentally fit. Move around, find healthy ways to get rid of your frustration. Whether your get interested in artwork or not be open to it there many forms of it and are wonderful to explore. Begin playing chess it is a way to challenge the mind and open different ways of thinking.

3. Fresh Air

Fresh air? Yes fresh air, this the most underestimated thing to have. It is difficult to explain the importance of this being that it is so simple. Go for walk let your mind explore let the body take in the fresh air, it is good for you. I promise you no one has ever died from too much fresh air. If you’re somewhere and you can’t go for a walk at the moment, the little bit of opening a window makes a difference! Don’t knock it till you try it! So try it!

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