3 Reasons Why You Need to Pursue Art

An Aboriginal Woman focusing to get things done.

Last year I was miserable at my lowest of low nowhere to turn, nothing just seemed right. The only thing I could do was stress and I was tired of being stressed. I tried going for walks, getting some fresh air, and exercising but it just wouldn’t do it. I had to find something to distract me. So the idea hit me of why not pursue art? This was a great decision and I never looked back from it.

1 It’s Therapeutic

Through all the bad feelings this was a great feeling. Not many words can describe the feeling when doing artwork. It’s challenging yet soothing at the same time. Just clearing your mind and letting your mind paint.

2 No Such Thing As a Mistake

Is a great mindset to have in art as well as it is in life. This helped me gain confidence. Learning that if I make a mistake just keep going and do what is best to make it right. As well the mistake being better than the intended action at times. I began to feel more comfortable being okay with making a so-called mistake.

3 Express Yourself

Explaining your vision is sometimes more difficult than showing it. This truly is a powerful thing to being able to put your imagination to life. It makes me amazed just thinking about.  Give it a shot and find what your art is and pursue it!

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