3 Reasons Why You Need to Become an Entrepreneur


Working a 9-5 hour job will never get you wealthy. I was fired for being 5 minutes late one week and 2 minutes late the week before. I wrote about this experience in my article “Following Your Bliss“. To have someone constantly over your back just simply to get a bit of money, is not the way to go about life. You should do what you love to make money, then you’ll never feel like your working. I know this is something that is easier said than done, but here are the reasons why you need to become an entrepreneur:


I can’t stress this enough. You start whenever you want to. You can’t get fired and make your own rules. You have the final say so in everything.


The effort you put in is the effort you get out. No one to blame but yourself when you when you work for yourself. This will influence you to get more things done.


As I said earlier when you are doing something you love it does not feel like work. When your at a job you don’t like, your work may seem as a drag but working for yourself it will be a blast. Instead of a 9-5 schedule, you will work whatever schedule you want but even longer if you choose but it won’t like so because you are doing what you want.

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